Azerbaijani Language Courses

10 hour Intensive Course

KMT runs specific 10 hour course in Azerbaijani language for beginners.

The course is a set of 10 lessons.

Each lesson is one hour in duration.

The lessons cover some of the basic language concepts that you will find useful in everyday situations.

The informal low-structure approach encourages foreigners who have never taken lessons, or those who have started but not continued, to develop further their interest in learning Azerbaijani language.

General Azerbaijani Language Courses

The KMT Azerbaijani Language Courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Levels definition

  • Beginner Level (A1)
  • Elementary level (A2)
  • Pre-Intermediate level (B1)
  • Intermediate level (B2)
  • Upper-Intermediate level (C1)
  • Advanced level (C2)


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