Russian Language Courses

10 hour Intensive Course

This Russian course is designed for business people who can fit their language lessons only on weekends. The course is structured in modules of five sessions. There is one session on Friday (17:00-19:00), two on Saturday and two on Sunday (10:00-12:00/ 13:00-15:00). The content of this course can be arranged at any level. Students may request a particular line of study to suit their own interests and purpose. Part of each session is a conversational lesson.

General Russian Language Courses

All General Language Courses are structured in levels comprising 60 hours instruction.

The KMT Russian Language Courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Levels definition

  • Beginner Level (A1)
  • Elementary level (A2)
  • Pre-Intermediate level (B1)
  • Intermediate level (B2)
  • Upper-Intermediate level (C1)
  • Advanced level (C2)

Intensive Tailored Courses.

This KMT course contains 36 hours per week. The choice of the starting date depends on the participant’s personal desire. The program of the course is designed by the KMT teacher-methodologist and the student on the basis of special modules of study specified by the student in his enrollment form. Modules include:

1. Linguaphone Course (developing listening skills)

2. Grammar Course (developing Grammar knowledge)

3. Reading Course (developing quick reading skills)

4. Conversational Course (developing colloquial skills)

5. Writing Course (developing writing skills)


Each module is taught by a different teacher, that helps students to understand various styles of speech and make the language learning process close to the real situations.

The schedule of the day is based on 3 modules per day, each 2 hours long.


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