Getting Started with Azerbaijani or Russian?

There are as many ways to learn languages as there are people. Here what really works for our students:

  • Don’t wait for ideal circumstances before you start
  • Get started with the resources that are available to you
  • Find a person willing to work with you
  • A teacher is ideal
  • But any native speaker can be helpful
  • A thousand books aren’t worth as much as a single person committed to helping you
  • Learn the fundamentals of how the language is structured (noun declensions, verb conjugations, word order, etc. )
  • Be resourceful
  • Create opportunities to read and listen to the language.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes
  • You don’t have to be perfect
  • Rather focus on communicating and making yourself understood.
  • Have fun doing it!
  • Speak with as many different people as you possibly can
  • You’ll expand your vocabulary, learn different ways of expressing yourself and attune ear to different pronunciations, inflections, rhythms, etc.
  • Besides, it’s a wonderful opportunity to make good friends!
  • Never be satisfied
  • Always strive to improve your new language
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