General conditions

KMT charges for the presented training at the end of each month. The invoice is sent to the organization or private person and is based on the actual attended lessons. It constitutes a document of attendance.
Acceptance of training/ lessons cancellation is fixed according to the agreed conditions.

Language courses

Language lessons can be given in KMT Company premises or at any Client’s location. Students work out their own timetables to ensure their language training is as intensive as their requirements and circumstances dictate.

One-to-one training is adapted according to the student’s personal schedule, individual abilities, performance, language levels, interests and memory.
Group lessons can be formed for  number of students from 2 up to 5. KMT will provide each student with a set of Training Materials according to their course of study.
For details please contact:

Cultural or Business courses

Cultural or Business courses can be given in KMT Company premises or at any Client’s location. The structure of the course will depend on the client’s requirements. The course can be  presented in modules or as a full day course.
For any course dates please contact:

Publications purchase

The published text-books of KMT can be purchased by an order sent to:

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